Race Info...

For those registered for Death & Taxes,
The Race Info email has been sent. 
Contact us with any questions at 

Nuetral Roll-In to the race course is at 7:30 SHARP!!! 
(not 7:00)

See you all tomorrow night for some hellish fun!


Creek Crossing - Pirate Style...

Death & Taxes is FULL! See you all Saturday Night!

The Pirate crew went for a pre-ride of the race course last night. The new bridge was installed and we tested her out. It requires some skill and courage to ride - especially in those conditions (it was a wee bit muddy still from the snow melt). We have 48 hours for the course to dry out, but we are racing no matter the conditions. It was a sweet ride last night and we are psyched for the suffer-fest on Saturday.


Costume Contest...

Racing Death & Taxes
Wear a costume, get half price entry.
Best costume is going to win something. 
It's Easter weekend, get busy!


Get On It...

We just opened up TEN MORE SPOTS
We now have a fifty racer limit due to overwhelming feedback. Get in while you can. We will not go over the fifty mark!

Click HERE to see who's registered.


Death & Taxes Registration - OPEN

Registration for DEATH & TAXES, Piarate cXc Winter Night Ravce Series race No.2 is OPEN!

Not only will be have Prizes for the top three in EACH catagory, but we will have awards for the SERIES CHAMPS!!! 

Only the first 40 registered get IN. 

How do I register?

  • Send an email to: singlespeedpirate@gmail.com
    • Email Title: DEATH & TAXES
    • Info Needed:
      • Name
      • Age
      • Email 
      • Phone #
      • Address
      • Race Category (Single Speed OR Geared)
      • Is this your 1st Pirate cXc race?
      • Where did you hear about us?
What do I need to know about this race?
  • This is an underground race. Keep it to other cyclist who are like minded only. This is NOT a public event.
  • No License required
  • Helmet and lights are required
  • All Racers must be 21 or older
  • There will be shenanigans
  • There will be technical obstacles
  • There will be time bonus options
  • It's a race/party atmosphere
  • It's for FUN
  • It's totally NOT legal, legitimate, sanctioned, etc.
  • Mountain Bike recommended, but run what you brung
  • Course will be off-road, dirt, rock, single-track, double-track, grass, snow, mud, ice, water, etc. 
  • Be prepared for anything!
  • Dress for the weather
  • Costumes Highly recommended!!!
All registered racers will receive a confirmation email saying that you are IN (or not in). Race location is kept secret until the night of the race. All registered racers will receive an email 24 hours before the race with info on the rendezvous location (within 30 min. drive of downtown KC). We will meet at this location on race day, then do a group neutral roll-in to the race course. You WILL NOT be able to drive to the actual course. 

Spectators are welcome, however they too will have to RIDE A BIKE to the course, about a ten minute ride. Bring what you need pre and post race with you (backpack!). Race time will be approx. 1 to 1-1/2 hour(s). We will then all, as a group, roll back to the rendezvous point for the awards ceremony and after party.
Pirate cXc races are brutal, dangerous and far from the norm. It's a mix of fun, foolery, XC, CX, urban and kid-like riding styles. Think short-track dirt racing with lots of surprises. If you are in general, a pussy, straight-edge, one who likes to bitch, etc. - this is not the race for you. It's a group ride/party and you are required to have fun. 

If you're registered, your name should appear HERE. Please allow some time before you freak out if you're not on the list. We Do send a confirmation email to those registered.

Best of luck!


Race No. 3 - Death & Taxes...

Pirate cXc presents
Death & Taxes
Winter Night Race Series, Race No.3
Race Date: March 30th (Full Moon)
Registration opens Saturday, March 16th at 10:00 a.m.
First 40 riders get in.
$10 entry. No License required.
Check back on Registration Day for more info. Get psyched!
All Original Poster Art by Brennan O'Rourke - A-1 Tattoo Co. 2013


Chicken Dinner...

Patrick May wins the 'Name The Contest' contest with "Death and Taxes". 

Thanks to Patrick the entry fees for race No.3 - will have an additional .70 cents added, and there will be more obstacles that will work you like a minimum wage job. 

Patrick just won:
-FREE Race Entry for YOU and a friend
-Front Row line-up at the starting line on race day
-Case of Guinness Black Lager
-8 1/2" x 11" laminated limited edition race poster
-Shout Out at Race No.3

Race poster and "Death & Taxes" official race announcement will be up on the website later this week! Congrats Patrick! In the case that you cheated your win, no worries - we have no rules.

Get psyched you mother-truckers for some hardcore underground racing action coming your way on March 30th!!! Death & Taxes is the SERIES CHAMPIONSHIPS!!! We have some SICK_A$$ trophy's to give away thanks to Somefearinhere !!!

Urban Legend...

Check out this sweet video of our friends at Street Cred pulling off yet another fine Urban Cross 'race'. If you missed this one, well....

And at HIGH NOON the Name The Race contest ends. Get your votes in ASAP (to the right) >>>