Costumes and Hecklers...

We here at Pirate cXc headquarters are all about having a killer good time. Fun is the name of the game...that and of course, danger. We'd like to see you haul your cheering squad with you to The Deep. We want to see you AND your beer drinking, loud and crazy heckler pals in full costume. Yes, you will have the potential to be rewarded for your acts of random craziness, as you know we have no rules. How rare is it that you could get on the podium for riding slow, partying hard and looking ridicules? Not a rarity here folks, so get to planning.
If we love your costume, you're entry fee will be $5 instead of $10. If you get a friend to race, you save $1 per friend. It's totally possible that you get to race The Deep for FREE. Let's see what you got.



Ladies and Gents, Mountain Bikers and Cyclocross guru’s. We’d like to take this time to ramble sweet nothings into your ear. 
First - We’d like to thank all of you who have shown bravery and strength by racing at one or all of our events. You are truly hardcore to have succeeded were no man has gone before. Our Winter Night Race Series has been nothing less than a huge success in our eyes, and we hope with all honesty that you’ve enjoyed the pain and suffering endured while on a bike at The Darkness and/or The Howling. We sure had a helluva grand time watching you suffer, and you're a stronger rider because of it. Believe.

Second – Lets step back and take a moment to say thanks or lift a glass to those behind the scene that make it all happen. We have a small crew of local’s who selflessly donate time, blood, sweat, tears and hours of arduous labor to prep the courses for you to race. We won’t mention any names because that’s how we roll, but you know who you are and everyone thanks you, seriously. YOU make it all happen. For those of you who race, remember the modest entry fee - nothing. We spend our hard earned cash so you can get your race on and still afford a brewski later. We enjoy watching you race, toss your cookies and fall over from exhaustion. We live for it and hope to see you and some friends at Race No.3, The Deep – Series Championships.

Third – We'd like to thank our sponsors, who totally kick-ass! Without sponsors YOU as racers would get nothing but a good ball-kicking for your efforts. Thanks too our more-than-generous sponsors you also get some sweet swag. Please take the time to check out each of their websites. Check out their goods and if you can, send some business their way. It’s all for the love of cycling and good times. Can anyone argue with that?

And lastly – Here's some brain candy to get you psyched for Race No.3:
We have more swag to give away. The course will be brutal in a different way than the past two race courses, totally different - yet purely awesome. There will be shortcuts. The shortcuts will be technical, the long way around will be easy… just longer. You will have to make choices, route find. There will be a pre-race contest of skill, power and/or lack of common sense. The contest will have award(s). There will be post-race awards and debauchery. There will be a fire to help extract your frozen huevos post race. The Deep is the most CX friendly course in the series. Don’t be a vagina – come race. It will be mind-blowing fun.

We challenge those who’ve raced before and plan to race The Deep to bring a friend. For each friend you convince to race, we will subtract $1 from your entry fee OR give you a time bonus (your choice). Make sure your friend mentions your name when registering to qualify.
That’s all for now. Get your registration in today at singlespeedpirate@gmail.com. Registration is FREE and gets your name on the offenders list (40 racer limit!). There is a fee for the Championship race, a measly $10. If you can't afford $10, show up anyway. We'll make sure you get to race. Do it!

We hope to see ALL OF YOU on March 10th. The Deep awaits…


Pirate cXc Series Championship Race...

Race No. 3 - The Deep
(a.k.a. Pirate cXc Finals)
  • March 10th, 2012
  • 7 p.m. Sharp - Neutral Roll-in
  • $10
  • Lap race OR timed race...T.B.D.
  • Classes
    • Singlespeed
    • Geared
  • KC Metro Area location T.B.A.
  • Course Designed for Mountain and CX bikes (any bike welcome)
  • Helmets required
  • lights required
Space is limited to the first 40 registrants
Pre-register via email at singlespeedpirate@gmail.com 
Subject: The Deep

Please include the following info (you're info will not be sold, shared, etc.)
  • Name
  • Age
  • Address
  • Class
  • Email
  • Phone #
  • How did you hear about Pirate cXc?
There will be prizes. There will be shinnanigans. There will be a pre-race contest! There will be a post race PARTY!!! There will be limited camping available - so you can party that much harder. Get psyched, this is the final race of the Winter Night Race Series. You do not want to miss it!

More details coming soon...check back often. We like to keep you guessing.


Race Report/Results - The Howling...

We are pretty F-N psyched as to how it all went down Saturday night in the dark. We had the true hardcore out for a two-wheeled battle in frost-bite conditions. The Course, as promised and staying true to Pirate ways - was a kick-you-in-the-balls grudge-fest-climbing-marathon. Though short, the almost eight mile course delivered just shy of a thousand feet of climbing. There were two creek crossings - one technical and one not. There were fast descents on rutted-out double track just begging to toss you OTB. There was barely enough flat ground to allow recovery.
Then there were the No-shows. You know who you are. You were at home, tossing-off to the lingerie section of the Sears catalogue with your mom's panties in your mouth. 'Weak-ass bitches'. No worries though, all of the sweet swag (including an ipod), free beer, scoobie snacks and fun times were enjoyed by those true to the game. We are calling the rest of you out, daring you to test your meddle at the last and final race of the series - The Deep. It's gonna be bad-ass.
To sum things up; We had a helluva good time racing bikes. There were a handful of mechanicals and mishaps. There was some uber fast riding. There was Chris racing on his 24" BMX. It was the real deal. Time bonuses were awarded for Beer, Donuts and scoobie Snacks consumed. At least three racers double-dipped - they had raced earlier in the day at StreedCredKC and were man enough to come out for more pain at  The Howling. There were layers of ice on most bikes post race, all telling of the dire conditions that 14 brave souls raced in. A fine time on a clear winter night.

Top Results are as follows:
1. T.Donn
2. Taylor
3. Speeding Jesus
1. G-Wiz
2. Fixie Mike
3. Summers
Fastest Lap
Most Bonus Points
The Manimal - 49pts.
Beeg (2 for 2)
Best Costume

Hopefully some of you jerks will post up about the race, once you've thawed-out. We're tired and calling it a night. Thanks for coming out and supporting your local underground race series.
Special Thanks to Ditty J, Lin-z and CORE-bin for the much needed help running the show. Love you, love your toe. Also thanks to Johnny's Tavern for hooking us up with a party room for our post race ventures where beers were consumed, stories told, food downed and pirate booty tossed.
Who's going to take home the series win? So far it's looking tight between G-Wiz and Taylor. Beeg is two for two, on his way to being crowned grand DFL non-champion. How's it all going to go down? Guess we'll find out next month at The Deep. See YOU there, unless you're a bitch...

The Howling - Photo Dump...


Tick List...

Who will be the series champion? Will it be YOU?


Course Conditions...

Just thought we'd send out a little teaser. We had personnel on site today checking conditions and The Howling course is ready to rock for some night racing! Hell Yeah!

We've also already been scouting and brainstorming for the third and last race of the series, The Deep. Things are looking way good my friend. Whats looking even better is the possibility that one of our sponsors might have the keg-o-trailer on site for the event. Yep, you read that right. Were thinking the time bonus' are gonna fly. Who's gonna say no to that?



Dreams of brutal conditions are jumping through our heads. As the rain seeps from the low clouds, We foresee a hardcore night of racing ahead. We’d like to think that you punks are strong enough to race in tough conditions. The Howling awaits...

If you think you can, or if you think you can't - you’re right.

We’ll see who’s committed-to-the-core come dusk just a few nights away. Those who no-show will be publicly humiliated.

The forecast; dry yet blistering cold conditions. Since Pirate cXc is a Winter Night Race Series, we are just that much closer to a true winter experience; sans snow. Any trail sections still wet from rain earlier in the week should be well frozen and great for racing.
Due to expected temperatures being below freezing, the rendezvous location has changed. Those who are registered should expect an email (no later than Friday) disclosing the new location. Pre and Post race activities will now take place indoors.

Get psyched for the burn...


First Rule of Pirate cXc...

  1. Don't talk about Pirate cXc

It only takes one of YOU to fuck up our whole scene, and we don't take things like that too lightly. Just because you think you are invited, doesn't mean we want you around. If you think you're in-the-know, you're confused. Pirate cXc races are invitation only; You know if you're invited or not, so don't fuck around. Pre-registration now requires not only your personal info, but a name of whomever invited you to race. We're a tight knit crew. If you want in, you'll need to prove yourself worthy. This ain't no weeny roast.

The Howling - POSTPONED...

The Bad News;
Due to conditions out of our control (see below), The Howling is officially POSTPONED. Unfortunately the course holds way to much water to ride in wet conditions. Your bike would no longer function due to a major build-up of mud and gravel.
Now if it were cold, frozen and snow, we'd be racing. Rather, We'll race next Saturday, February 11th. Same plan, different date. For those registered who are NOT able to make it next week, please let us know. For those who had conflicts for the first date but are now able to make it on the 11th, awesome. We're psyched to have you.
The Good News:
We here at Pirate Headquarters have another week to modify the course and make it even more bad ass than it already is! The forecast is looking great for the 11th!

Today's Doppler Radar (ugh)

Forecast - Looking great for the 11th!


Race Info...

Race No. 2 - The Howling informational packet has been officially emailed. If you're signed-up for The Howling, you should have THE EMAIL in your inbox. If you do not have the email, contact us at singlespeedpirate@gmail.com , and assuming you've registered, we'll get the goods to you asap. We here at Pirate Headquarters are getting psyched for some racing...and of course, shenanigans. See you, the hardcore, Saturday night.