Costumes and Hecklers...

We here at Pirate cXc headquarters are all about having a killer good time. Fun is the name of the game...that and of course, danger. We'd like to see you haul your cheering squad with you to The Deep. We want to see you AND your beer drinking, loud and crazy heckler pals in full costume. Yes, you will have the potential to be rewarded for your acts of random craziness, as you know we have no rules. How rare is it that you could get on the podium for riding slow, partying hard and looking ridicules? Not a rarity here folks, so get to planning.
If we love your costume, you're entry fee will be $5 instead of $10. If you get a friend to race, you save $1 per friend. It's totally possible that you get to race The Deep for FREE. Let's see what you got.

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