Dreams of brutal conditions are jumping through our heads. As the rain seeps from the low clouds, We foresee a hardcore night of racing ahead. We’d like to think that you punks are strong enough to race in tough conditions. The Howling awaits...

If you think you can, or if you think you can't - you’re right.

We’ll see who’s committed-to-the-core come dusk just a few nights away. Those who no-show will be publicly humiliated.

The forecast; dry yet blistering cold conditions. Since Pirate cXc is a Winter Night Race Series, we are just that much closer to a true winter experience; sans snow. Any trail sections still wet from rain earlier in the week should be well frozen and great for racing.
Due to expected temperatures being below freezing, the rendezvous location has changed. Those who are registered should expect an email (no later than Friday) disclosing the new location. Pre and Post race activities will now take place indoors.

Get psyched for the burn...

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