The Howling - POSTPONED...

The Bad News;
Due to conditions out of our control (see below), The Howling is officially POSTPONED. Unfortunately the course holds way to much water to ride in wet conditions. Your bike would no longer function due to a major build-up of mud and gravel.
Now if it were cold, frozen and snow, we'd be racing. Rather, We'll race next Saturday, February 11th. Same plan, different date. For those registered who are NOT able to make it next week, please let us know. For those who had conflicts for the first date but are now able to make it on the 11th, awesome. We're psyched to have you.
The Good News:
We here at Pirate Headquarters have another week to modify the course and make it even more bad ass than it already is! The forecast is looking great for the 11th!

Today's Doppler Radar (ugh)

Forecast - Looking great for the 11th!


  1. see you all at street cred then! urban cross race next weekend, not to be missed. major tom's tubular rims for first place! get your west bottoms dirty on before the howling!

  2. Street Cred or Bust!!!