Race Report/Results - The Howling...

We are pretty F-N psyched as to how it all went down Saturday night in the dark. We had the true hardcore out for a two-wheeled battle in frost-bite conditions. The Course, as promised and staying true to Pirate ways - was a kick-you-in-the-balls grudge-fest-climbing-marathon. Though short, the almost eight mile course delivered just shy of a thousand feet of climbing. There were two creek crossings - one technical and one not. There were fast descents on rutted-out double track just begging to toss you OTB. There was barely enough flat ground to allow recovery.
Then there were the No-shows. You know who you are. You were at home, tossing-off to the lingerie section of the Sears catalogue with your mom's panties in your mouth. 'Weak-ass bitches'. No worries though, all of the sweet swag (including an ipod), free beer, scoobie snacks and fun times were enjoyed by those true to the game. We are calling the rest of you out, daring you to test your meddle at the last and final race of the series - The Deep. It's gonna be bad-ass.
To sum things up; We had a helluva good time racing bikes. There were a handful of mechanicals and mishaps. There was some uber fast riding. There was Chris racing on his 24" BMX. It was the real deal. Time bonuses were awarded for Beer, Donuts and scoobie Snacks consumed. At least three racers double-dipped - they had raced earlier in the day at StreedCredKC and were man enough to come out for more pain at  The Howling. There were layers of ice on most bikes post race, all telling of the dire conditions that 14 brave souls raced in. A fine time on a clear winter night.

Top Results are as follows:
1. T.Donn
2. Taylor
3. Speeding Jesus
1. G-Wiz
2. Fixie Mike
3. Summers
Fastest Lap
Most Bonus Points
The Manimal - 49pts.
Beeg (2 for 2)
Best Costume

Hopefully some of you jerks will post up about the race, once you've thawed-out. We're tired and calling it a night. Thanks for coming out and supporting your local underground race series.
Special Thanks to Ditty J, Lin-z and CORE-bin for the much needed help running the show. Love you, love your toe. Also thanks to Johnny's Tavern for hooking us up with a party room for our post race ventures where beers were consumed, stories told, food downed and pirate booty tossed.
Who's going to take home the series win? So far it's looking tight between G-Wiz and Taylor. Beeg is two for two, on his way to being crowned grand DFL non-champion. How's it all going to go down? Guess we'll find out next month at The Deep. See YOU there, unless you're a bitch...

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