Ladies and Gents, Mountain Bikers and Cyclocross guru’s. We’d like to take this time to ramble sweet nothings into your ear. 
First - We’d like to thank all of you who have shown bravery and strength by racing at one or all of our events. You are truly hardcore to have succeeded were no man has gone before. Our Winter Night Race Series has been nothing less than a huge success in our eyes, and we hope with all honesty that you’ve enjoyed the pain and suffering endured while on a bike at The Darkness and/or The Howling. We sure had a helluva grand time watching you suffer, and you're a stronger rider because of it. Believe.

Second – Lets step back and take a moment to say thanks or lift a glass to those behind the scene that make it all happen. We have a small crew of local’s who selflessly donate time, blood, sweat, tears and hours of arduous labor to prep the courses for you to race. We won’t mention any names because that’s how we roll, but you know who you are and everyone thanks you, seriously. YOU make it all happen. For those of you who race, remember the modest entry fee - nothing. We spend our hard earned cash so you can get your race on and still afford a brewski later. We enjoy watching you race, toss your cookies and fall over from exhaustion. We live for it and hope to see you and some friends at Race No.3, The Deep – Series Championships.

Third – We'd like to thank our sponsors, who totally kick-ass! Without sponsors YOU as racers would get nothing but a good ball-kicking for your efforts. Thanks too our more-than-generous sponsors you also get some sweet swag. Please take the time to check out each of their websites. Check out their goods and if you can, send some business their way. It’s all for the love of cycling and good times. Can anyone argue with that?

And lastly – Here's some brain candy to get you psyched for Race No.3:
We have more swag to give away. The course will be brutal in a different way than the past two race courses, totally different - yet purely awesome. There will be shortcuts. The shortcuts will be technical, the long way around will be easy… just longer. You will have to make choices, route find. There will be a pre-race contest of skill, power and/or lack of common sense. The contest will have award(s). There will be post-race awards and debauchery. There will be a fire to help extract your frozen huevos post race. The Deep is the most CX friendly course in the series. Don’t be a vagina – come race. It will be mind-blowing fun.

We challenge those who’ve raced before and plan to race The Deep to bring a friend. For each friend you convince to race, we will subtract $1 from your entry fee OR give you a time bonus (your choice). Make sure your friend mentions your name when registering to qualify.
That’s all for now. Get your registration in today at singlespeedpirate@gmail.com. Registration is FREE and gets your name on the offenders list (40 racer limit!). There is a fee for the Championship race, a measly $10. If you can't afford $10, show up anyway. We'll make sure you get to race. Do it!

We hope to see ALL OF YOU on March 10th. The Deep awaits…

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