Race No.3 & Winter Night Series Results...

Welcome Race Fans!!! Below are the results for Race No. 3 - The Deep AND the Pirate cXc Winter Night Race Series Championships. If you see any errors, sorry...we're not gonna change anything; Remember, Pirate cXc is all about fun while riding bikes with friends - NOT so much about being the fastest mother-trucker in the galaxy (although its pretty cool to be [that] fast).
We'll be posting a full race report and event photos soon...probably by the time you sober -up and your vision returns. Check back soon for eye witness photos, quotes from the racers and other random crap to fill your small human brain. Cheers!
The Officially Official Non-Race and Mayhem Results.
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Race No. 3 - The Deep
(Final Times INCLUDE bonus points)

  1. T.Donn  14:21
  2. The Manimal  24:59
  3. Speeding Jesus  26:58
  1. G-Wiz  13:27
  2. Farmer  31:21
  3. ClassicAdam  39:00
Fastest 1st Lap
  • T. Donn  9:30
Most Bonus Points
  • G-Wiz  32 pts.
Best Crash
  • G-Wiz (during the pre-race contest)
Best Costume
  • Billy & The Manimal
  • Farmer (Honorable Mention)
Pre-Race Contest
  • Patrick & Billy
  • Patrick
Pirate cXc Winter Night Race Series Champs

  1. The Manimal
  2. Speeding Jesus & Taylor
  1. G-Wiz
  2. Farmer

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