Dirty Crits #1 - Race Report...

All things Dirty went down last night as we kicked-off the first of (4) Short track races at the Shawnee Riverfront CX park with Dirty Crits #1. A dozen core riders went head to head in both an A and B race, pushing through rough terrain, descending deep sand troughs, climbing stairs, jumping barriers and generally kicking a$$. 
Highlights from the A race; The Silent Killer was fighting the big dogs - Travis Donn, Jason Knight and Garet Steinmetz for the front spot every lap, rolling in with the fastest first lap time of 9:34. Eventually it was down to Travis, Jason and The Silent Killer on the last lap and through the finish with Travis pulling off the win by one second.
The B race was a bit more entertaining  with Brian taking the fastest lap at 11:16 and the win. Handleballs was in true Pirate form sporting a flannel shirt, PBR in his water bottle cage and rolling slicks on his touring bike. Everyone was fighting hard to keep in the game.
We had no mechanicals, zero flats and only one crash that I witnessed (Handleballs of course). A good time was had by all. We even had fly-by aerial video being shot of the race by some folks in their motorized para-gliders. A sight to behold. We hope to have some of that footage to show-off by weeks end.
Thanks to those who came out to race, especially the Ethos Posse who sponsors the CX park. If you had a good time, come back next week for Dirty Crits #2. Bring a friend or three, tell your pals. Lets make this event BIG. It's free, plus you get some training time in as well as some dirt. It's all good. 
We're calling out to the Parisi, Colavita folks - come down and get it done. What better way to have a team Monday night cool down ride than at the CX park. You know you'd eat this stuff up!

We dare you.... you're not scared, are you? 
A Race Results

B Race Results


  1. Man, i've just got to make it out to one of these. It looks like you guys have put together an amazing place.

    If you build it they will come.

    1. You know how we roll...Come on out and play. Get you'r crew together.

  2. im scared as fuck. see you next monday!