Dirty Crits #4 - NEW Date & Time...

Dirty Crits #4 - Series Championship Race - Night Race
NEW DATE - Wednesday, November 7th
NEW TIME - 7:00 p.m.

Yes folks, you've read this info right. We are NOT racing on Monday. Mondays suck. You punk-ass-bitches who race all weekend are at the spa on Monday nights, getting your bikini wax's and pedicures. Now you sissy-boys have no excuses. Get here, race your damn bike.

This weekend we loose an hour of daylight (in the evening). This means that no matter what we mortals really want as far as daylight goes, it just isn't gonna happen. We're screwed.

To make things work, we are giving you two extra days to sit on your trainer, eat hostess cupcakes and swill whiskey in preparation for Dirty Crits #4. Here is what you need to know:

1. You will need LIGHTS.
2. Check the new Date and Time above.
3. That is all.

Oh, and a reminder that there will be a few prizes for those who dare to show up and race hard, especially those who raced the entire series - this IS the series championship race. We have a feeling someone is going to silently kill this one...big time.

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