Black Beard Non-Results...

The race may have been cancelled, but the shenanigans went down like nobodies business.  If you missed out you missed out. It was a sight to behold at the Pirates Lair where time bonus' were a blazing and non-race contests of skills happened in the dark, cold moonlit night. Sitting around a campfire, a few true and brave souls warmed and prepared for stardom - that and to gain series points towards the big win.

We won't go into too many details about the snow cave squeeze contest or the fat bike chariot racing, but almost everyone gave it a go and I believe everyone got a prize. Results are below. 
The Fat Pearl Chariot
Handleballs in the Squeeze
Black beard Non-Race Results
  1. G-Wiz & Handleballs
  2. Freightcar & Speeding Jesus
  3. The Manimal & Handleballs
  4. Corey & Double-D
  5. Dungan & Brandon
  6. Beej & Justification
  7. Max
  8. Lauren & The Bartender
Most Bonus Points
  1. Speeding Jesus OR G-wiz (were not really sure)
Best Crash
  1. Handleballs?
  1. Beej
These standings will be added into the overall series for the series championship title. You snoozed, you loose. 

Thanks to all who came out to chill around the fire and drink free booze!

Don't forget to enter to win in the "Name the Race" contest. We will pick a winner March 1st.

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