Pirate cXc Winter Night Race Series - Race No. 2 - Black Beard, official course map (click to enlarge).

Race is THIS SATURDAY! Get Pumped, get Psyched and be ready for some PAIN!
Black Beard is twice the length as the Redrum course with many hard and steep climbs that will leave your quads blazing. We also have a few surprises for you in the form of new obstacles and the new pain-train section. 
Most of you will probably end up sitting on the couch eating Peeps with your hands in your pants, maybe even talking on the phone to your mom about how the storm of the century is keeping you on lock down. Just so you know in advance, WE ARE RACING, RAIN, SNOW, SLEET OR HAIL. This is a Winter Night Race after all, not some sissy love festival. Be there.
For those of you whom have yet to find your spine, better get to it. We have only a handful of spaces left for this event and the Pirate Booty is out of control! Keep your eyes peeled for the rendezvous and Race info email coming to your inbox on Friday.

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