The Darkness - Results...

Below are the post race, unofficial/official 'still non-sober' results. Yeah, we suck at keeping score, but I think you are all aware that Pirate cXc is not all about being the fastest guy out there, though being fast is pretty cool. It's about having fun on your bike, in an otherwise gloomy and cold-ass time of year. We like to call it motivation.
Though Race night results differ from below, after much deliberation with regards to bonus points and good looks, here we have it... If you walked with an award and are not listed as top three below, thank the rice crispie treat gods for your free booty. *Times listed are after bonus' awarded and not actual ride time.

  1. Taylor (32:47)
  2. The Manimal (36:50)
  3. Michael (37:10)
  4. Speeding Jesus
  5. Vince
  6. Billy
  7. Will
  8. Beej
  1. G-Wiz (31:15)
  2. Farmer (36:00)
  3. Mapes (38:10)
  4. Thad
  5. Jeff
  6. JDoug
  7. Kevin
  8. John
  9. Snyder
  10. Boos
Fastest 1st Lap
  1. G-Wiz (8:50)
And of course we have to mention and give grand applause to Beej for getting his first DNF, Tall Bitch for DNS, and to either Boos or Snyder for the coin toss DFL.

Next race we will have our shit more together on scoring, maybe. We were way more focused on good times and a great course. For those of you who might be sad or want to bitch about not knowing your time, or you think there has been a mistake... remember the lack of entry fee and get the f%&$ over it. You were slow or we just don't like you...

Congrats to the fast, to the costumes, to the bonus points winners (Mapes was hands-down the champ in that dept.) and to the 'tosser'. You know who you are. See you next race!

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