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.. and visit our fine 2012 Pirate cXc Winter Night Race Series Sponsors; They kick some ass, really.
Taddihogg Hats
The finest hand made cycling hats this side of the Mississippi. Locally grown here in the Midwest by cyclist for cyclist. Buy Local, support your fellow cycling dirtbags. Check them out here at

Oddly Correct
Simply THE best nano-brewed coffee in the solar system. Also Local, also made by cyclist who really know what it's all about. A more than great way to get your legs in the morning. Head over to the shop and experience coffee like never before. Check them out online here at
Randy Braley Photography
I'll say it again, 'Local Cyclist'. Randy is at all of the races shooting sweet photos of you jerks racing. He has a keen eye for the goods be it hanging off the side of a cliff shooting Rock Climbing for the magazines or freezing his nuts off while you pedal around in the darkness. Have a special occasion you want photos of? Check his work out at http://www.randybraley.com

Sniper Bladeworks
There is a theme..Local, Cyclist. Sniper Bladeworks is a custom knife shop located here in Kansas City. The boys know how to build unique blades that even the reality t.v. show celebrities are dying to get their hands on. Custom blades that are equal in cost to your bike. Hell yeah! Check them out here at

Kuat Racks
Locally owned bicycle rack innovators. These guys design and build the sickest modes of transporting your bikes in style. Great lines, looks and function. Kuat also gives back ten-fold to the cycling community...and they ride hard. If you need a rack, get it form Kuat. Everything else is inferior. Check them out online here
A good read,some motivation and the cash pig who makes it all happen. Check out his minds-eye at http://singlespeedpirate.blogspot.com/

Everyone knows that you get thirsty racing bikes. Thanks to PBR for keeping us hydrated during our time of need. Check them out at http://pabstblueribbon.com/Default.aspx

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