It's GAME ON...

We did a little recon mission to verify The Howling course conditions to be true to Pirate ways - the official results are in...YOU are gonna get worked like a minimum wage job! The Howling course is being designed as you read this. There's some wicked, and we mean WICKED hard climbing...and lots of it. There is DANGER, as always. Someone might get killed or end up in a wheelchair after racing this course. There is dirt, gravel, mud, grass, rock, obstacles, climbing, and descents that'll make your ass pucker. It's so on that if you miss this race, you're just plain as day - a huge vagina. Our course designer went to great lengths to hobble his gimp-ass all over BFE to make sure you'd walk away with a huge shit-eating grin on your face, guaranteed.
How about a fist full of this?
For those of you coming off CX season prepping for XC season, get your ass to The Howling. This course is way more your style than The Darkness was. For those who never stray from the Mountain Bike side of things, you too will have your moments of joy and sorrow. The new course is longer, faster and full of wicked hard climbs or 'beer climb paradise' as we Pirates might say. That and some crazy fast descents. Full moon madness is in effect. To those who don't show... enjoy playing D&D in your mothers basement. It's cool to live with mom at 30, really, you piece of work you...
For those new to Pirate cXc, you must pre-register via email to singlespeedpirate@gmail.com to get the info. This is underground racing, if you want to be informed you need to get in touch. Cheers!

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