Hey, It's 2012...

A quick update...

The Darkness course is set and way brutal. For those of you who still have a spine, we will be sending out THE email to registered participants this week, as to location and meeting place for Race No.1. If you have not sent an email and registered (It doesn't cost dime), please do so ASAP to singlespeedpirate@gmail.com

I will tell you that we are super excited to give you a virgin course with lots of climbing, descents, recovery, passing, obstacles, mud, dirt, gravel, grass, more climbing and last but not least - Danger! Stay tuned as the week goes on. We will update the blog with the final course map, elevation gain/loss and a list of features that will give you a sure case of the snail eye. I hope you're ready for pain.

Note on Bike Types: We've had a few questions as to "what bike should I race?". I was out riding the course on my rigid fixed gear mountain bike today and it was perfect. I'd say there are equal amounts of advantage and/or disadvantage for Mountain or CX bikes. Whatever it is you decide to use as your race machine, you'd better be able to handle it well on all kinds of terrain. We will be out to pre-ride the course this week on both bike types to make double darn sure that you won't have any lame excuses come race time. I just hope you still have the balls to come out and race in The Darkness. You may not survive...

Note on Race Location: The race location is only accessible by bike. We will ride to the race location as a group and pre-ride the course. This will make it nearly impossible for any non-racers to watch the race, just FYI. Everyone at the race will be racing.

See you Sunday Night!

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