Four Days and Counting...

The Darkness course is officially set and ready for racing. We did a handful of laps to make sure the course will leave you gassed and possibly injured. It's getting down to the wire on time and there are very few spaces left so please register if you want to race, it's FREE.
Once registered you will get an email with the event information. As a reminder; the course is only accessible by bike. Everyone at the race will have to ride from our rendezvous point.
We are very psyched to present the first race in the series and hope that you have as much fun racing as we've had designing the course. We also hope you get your ass thoroughly handed to you.
See you SUNDAY for a crazy-fun time. Don't forget to BYOB in the case that we drink your allotment before Sunday. Also remember to CHARGE YOUR LIGHTS and dress for the weather (in your favorite furry costume). Make sure your lights are working. It would be a bummer to leave you in the dark...

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