Race No.1 - How It All Went Down...

Wow!. Riding bikes is pretty fun. Thanks to all those who came out to 'Race' and made the first Pirate cXc event - The Darkness, a HUGE success.
What a great turnout! We're psyched that so many of you crazy mother-truckers came out to play, and were totally down with the shenanigans. If you thought there were a few non-typical activities going down at The Darkness, then you need to show your ugly mug at Race No.2, The Howling - as the sickness has only just begun. 

If you enjoyed the course, let us know. If you are psyched about your experience, tell your like-minded friends and bring them along to the next race.

I know there were a few good crashes, mechanicals and at least one of you tossed your cookies. Flippin' Awesome. It was good to see a good mix of bike types too; fixed gear, Snow Bike, CX, and tons of Mountain; both single speed and geared. We had some good costumes too which are always recommend (I know a few of you got prizes for getting into the spirit!).

Race results are coming soon. Our less-than-sober scoring technique was a bit lacking, but we got the top few of you figured out. With time bonuses for certain activities along the course, some folks took home some goods not for being the fastest, but for having the most good and dirty fun (which is what these races are all about).
A HUGE THANKS to the support crew for the hard work and to Ranski for snapping photos. You folks really made it all happen, you know who you are.

Hope all you peeps had a good time racing. See you and your pals for Race No.2 - The Howling, February 4th. That is if you still have a spine...

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