The Howling Press Release...

O.K. Folks, we have issues. First things first; YOU need to pre-register. If we do not get enough pre-registered racers we will cancel the race. It's WAY too much work to promote a race and have a crap turn-out. If you raced The Darkness and had a killer time - TELL YOUR LIKE MINDED PALS! Pre-register via email to singlespeedpirate@gmail.com

Even if you actually sack-up and pre-register, there is still a chance that The Howling is NOT gonna happen. Our main promoter/course designer just ate-major-shit riding his bike and has injuries good enough to keep him off the bike and on the couch. So, with that being said, check back here often for updates. As of today we are still a GO, but you've been warned.
Lastly - We have changed race day from Sunday to Saturday. If you'd rather us move the day back to stooper-bowl Sunday let us know. We couldn't give two-shits about the stooperbowl and would rather be riding bikes in the dark. If you're like us and are worthy of a place in The Howling, we hope you think the same.

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